Raipur has existed since the 9th century and if you now visit Raipur you will also get to witness the ruins of many forts that once stood here. With such a rich historical significance, Raipur is a city that you must visit. You definitely must not under estimate this city thinking it only has industries and factories. This city is a lot more than all that and it has everything to keep a tourist hooked on to. If the stories or history is anything to go by, it is said that the district of Raipur was once a part of a kingdom called as the Dakshina Kosala Kingdom and in the later years became a part of the Maurya Empire. Raipur had controlled the many stunning forts of Chhatisgarh for quite some time when it was the capital of the Haihaya Dynasty Kalchuri kings. Many kings and dynasties have controlled and dominated this city.

It is said that King Ramachandra had established the city of Raipur and then went on to making this place he capital of his kingdom. It was ruled by Somavanshi kings at a point when Sirpur was the capital of their kingdom. And of all the kings that ruled, it is said that Mahashivgupt Balarjun was the strongest emperor of all and of this dynasty. The most popular story about King Ramachandra who was the king of Raipur is that it was not the king but his son Brahmdeo Rai who established this city and at that time the capital was Khalwatika which is also now known as Khallari.

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